Business Leaders Sound Off on the Impact of Advantage Insights

Advantage Insights has partnered with clients to do some incredible things over the past few years. In that time we have shared many of their stories – the hurdles they faced and what we did to help them overcome their challenges. 

We have demonstrated the ability to lock arms with organizations across industries and markets to assess their situations and design unique solutions. Though our clients come to us with a diversity of skills and backgrounds, they share many of the same concerns and pain points. 

Time is a Productive Currency

One of the most basic ways Advantage Insights helps its clients is by saving them time. Financial management is time-consuming and every business contends with peculiar complexities that demand a thoughtful, comprehensive approach. When business owners can depend on regular reports and advisory services from a reliable outside vendor, it gives them time back to grow the business and take care of their clients.

“With Mary’s help, I’m able to focus on patients’ cases. I’m able to follow up with patients. And I’m able to do the fun parts of owning a business.”
-Danielle Stalp, Chiropractor and Owner, Unity Wellness
“Because of the growth of our business, our time and money are better spent doing what we do best: Taking pictures, selling, and meeting with clients—not slogging through QuickBooks.”
-Kurt Johnson, Nature and Healing Arts Photographer

There are so many ways business owners and operators can use their time. The most efficient use of their time depends entirely on their skills and ideal role within the business. When those who are in charge of operations also expect themselves to manage finances, it can be difficult to do both well. 

It feels good to get things done for their staff and clients, so financial management tasks are often placed on the back burner. When businesses need to submit tax forms or apply for loans, business owners often have to scramble in order to get their paperwork done in a timely manner. By contrast, Advantage Insights clients can work confidently, knowing their financial reports are available and current.

“If I don’t have to worry about the budgets, financials, profit & loss statements–that’s a weight lifted off my shoulders, allowing me to focus on in-house operations and our people.”
-Turner Schenzel, Owner, Ace Handyman Services–Omaha
“Business owners can’t do it all themselves. If you find yourself in that position, you’re not going to grow.”
-Tim O’Dell, Founder, O’Dell Enterprises

Communication is an Essential Aspect of Our Services

A basic component of financial management is the collection, organization, and analysis of business performance data. Even when business operators have access to a wealth of up-to-date information, the ability to interpret and act upon that information requires financial literacy and expertise.

Advantage Insights works closely with clients to identify their unique challenges and goals. Our services and communications are configured to the needs of each business and individual. The insights and expertise our team provides is essential, but it doesn’t mean anything unless our clients understand it too. 

“[Mary] had the vision of what she wanted my financial processes to look like, and over a pretty short period of time she created a beautiful system for me that’s very easy for me to manage. She trained me on how to use it, she’s made instructional videos for me, and she’s always accessible. I just don’t know how I got along without her.”
-Janie York, Founder of Hear Now Solutions
“The people who work at the store have embraced these new processes from day one. Mary and her team have been there to give them support, answer questions, and provide direction when needed.”
-Tim O’Dell, Founder, O’Dell Enterprises

Successful business owners are always looking for opportunities to improve their operations. There may be changes to purchasing, hiring, pricing, or something else that would reduce workloads and improve growth potentials. Advantage Insights gives its clients the tools and expertise they need to translate the numbers into an effective plan of action.

“We want to increase revenues, broaden our footprint, and take care of our partners. With our new view of the financials, we can accomplish these goals.”
-Kurt Johnson, Nature and Healing Arts Photographer
“She just has such confidence, poise, and professionalism. She has the ability to explain these things in an easy-to-understand way.”
-Laura Mann, Co-Owner, WorkStaffing

Access Confidence That Will Transform Your Business Experience

Sometimes the right thing to do in a given situation is clear and obvious. But in business, that is rarely the case. The most successful businesses engage in robust planning because there is opportunity and hazard hiding around every corner. Thorough financial management offers protection against the hidden risks intrinsic to your business. It also illuminates opportunities to improve profitability as they emerge.

Business owners can struggle with budgetary and personnel decisions without the right data to justify their actions. A complete picture of your financial health can help you understand the potential risk and reward of each choice you make.

“Mary has basically created a crystal ball. A crystal ball can show you the future. Hers shows me what has occurred at Pen Steel to create accurate projections for future performance.”
-Penny Rosso, Owner/President, Pen Steel, INC.
“She always knows, mathematically, where I’m at with the business throughout the year, understanding my cash flow against the money I’m about to spend, so she was able to give me the confidence that I could hire this person.”
-Heath Marrinan, CEO, FadeUp Design Group
“Advantage Insights brings confidence to these decisions. With Mary in my corner, I can be sure I’m making the right moves for the future of my company.”
-Turner Schenzel, Owner, Ace Handyman Services–Omaha

Discover the Ways Advantage Insights Can Help Your Business

There is no one-size-fits-all guide for running a successful business. Some of the challenges you face may be common, but you likely encounter a variety of unique scenarios that demand a customized response.

Advantage Insights designs service packages that deliver the information and expertise you need to thrive in your industry. If you want to find out what Advantage Insights services would be ideal for your business, reach out for a free consultation.

Our proven processes for discovery, strategy, and implementation have helped all kinds of businesses unlock greater potential. Don’t wait to find out what excellent financial management can do for your business and day-to-day experience.

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