Advantage Insights is a cutting edge financial insights firm headquartered in Omaha, NE. By combining our 30 plus years of experience, expertise, and the team mentality, we can assure that every client receives the close attention, advice and thorough analysis they deserve. Use of the latest technology allows us to serve and grow with clients wherever they may be and deliver services in a very cost effective manner.

Our customizable solutions are designed to help business of all sizes make sense out of their financial data. We know that everyone is different. Your business is unique. We provide you with a range of options to let you choose the package that best meets your needs.

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For each package, we offer a fixed price so you can budget and plan. And each of those packages can be customized so that you get exactly what you want. In other words, you’re in complete control and can build the program that best meets your needs and budget.

Virtual Financial management

We don’t call it bookkeeping.  It’s much more than that.  It’s a Virtual Financial Management service.  We take things a step further; we offer training, support and advice.  We also help you run your business using a modern cloud based accounting  system.

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entrepreneur advisory

Advisory services include a range of service and deliverables, from financial reporting, to planning, strategy, and business management.  Whatever your business, you will find one of our programs to suit your needs.

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Advantage Insights has enabled Millard Maritime to track and measure many key financial metrics to improve our performance as a company. They took us from having little to no visibility to having comprehensive dashboards to help us manage our business and improve our profitability.

- Brad Hall, President, Millard Maritime

Since we started working with Mary a few months ago, we have been provided with great professional advice regarding our business finances and strategy moving forward. Our finances were chaotic until Mary came along and reorganized them very quickly. Mary is easy to work with, responsive, and always willing to answer the (many) questions we have.

- Jade Jensen, Chief Operations Officer, Appsky

FadeUp Design Group started using Advantage Insights in early 2018 to help bring more structure and a standard operating procedure to the financial side of the business. Mary can take all of the information that we give her and turn it into valuable and useful information. It’s easy to get lost in the business and keep plowing forward while not fully understanding your companies finances as most small businesses can easily fall into. I value Mary’s opinion. She’s able to let me know with her methods where my finances are currently as opposed to last year during the same time frame. I can operate with more confidence when making big decisions with the companies cash. I find myself often saying “So Mary, Are We Good” The more information you give her the more she can fine-tune the info she’s able to provide while developing a highly accurate financial model of your company. I highly recommend the services Advantage Insights offers. She will be an essential member of my team for years to come.

- Heath Marrinan, President, FadeUp Design Group


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