Advantage Insights Elevates Wilhelm Mortgage's Financial Visibility

As a mortgage brokerage, Wilhelm Mortgage is a beacon of trust and expertise for its clients. Led by Jeremy Wilhelm, a seasoned professional with decades of experience in the mortgage business, the boutique firm offers a unique approach to mortgage financing. With a focus on face-to-face education, personalized consulting, and finding the best funding and rates for clients, Wilhelm Mortgage has become a trusted independent mortgage broker in Omaha, Nebraska.

It began in early 2020, when Jeremy recognized that retail customers lacked excellent options when it came to mortgage brokers. He founded Wilhelm mortgage to address that need. As the company's founder and broker, Jeremy is deeply involved in business operations, from client consultations and mortgage shopping to devising financial plans for creating wealth through real estate. As Wilhelm Mortgage rapidly expanded its clientele and projects, Jeremy found himself facing significant financial management challenges with less time to tackle them.

Good Financial Management is Time-Consuming

Mortgage brokers must adhere to strict reporting standards, keep healthy credit scores, and maintain sufficient minimum assets to satisfy Department of Banking regulations. Additionally, investors in Wilhelm Mortgage expect thorough financial reporting and planning.

As the success of Wilhelm Mortgage surged, its financial management needs naturally increased. Jeremy's years of experience allowed him to handle the accounting in-house initially. However, demands on his time became more pressing as the business grew. A trusted coach advised Jeremy to seek professional accounting support so he could offload those tasks from his busy schedule. As it stood, Jeremy’s plate was too full to continue doing it himself.

Staying compliant with stringent standards while managing the complexities of real estate transactions became increasingly challenging. As the business's financial landscape grew more intricate, Jeremy recognized the need for expert financial guidance to streamline financial reporting, enhance financial visibility, and develop even more effective budgeting strategies.

Wilhelm Mortgage Gains an Advantage with Fractional Accounting

Jeremy learned about Advantage Insights through his networking group in Omaha. Glowing reviews from his business connections led Jeremy to explore a collaboration with Mary Ferry and her team.

Cautiously excited by the idea of reducing his accounting workload and gaining better financial visibility, Jeremy met with Mary to find out how Advantage Insights would help. The initial meeting with Advantage Insights would become a turning point for Wilhelm Mortgage's financial management. Mary and her team took the time to understand Wilhelm Mortgage's unique challenges and goals. Jeremy conveyed his vision of a more organized financial reporting system that could provide him with timely insights into Wilhelm Mortgage's financial performance.

Embracing the client-centered approach that sets Advantage Insights apart, Mary and her team tailored their services to address Wilhelm Mortgage's specific needs. Next, they set their sites on monthly reporting, and enabled quick and secure access to financial information for Jeremy and his team. Now, they receive real-time financial insights, allowing Jeremy to make better-informed decisions and the ability to more quickly adapt to market fluctuations.

Jennifer, an experienced Accountant from Advantage Insights, became Jeremy's dedicated point of contact. Her deep expertise in financial management and her commitment to personalized service earned her the trust and confidence of Jeremy and his team.

“Mary and Jennifer are both absolutely amazing. They love their work, they’re very dialed in, and always willing to help.”
-Jeremy Wilhelm, Broker/Owner, Wilhelm Mortgage

Transformative Service

With the collaboration in full swing, Advantage Insights promptly initiated the transformation of Wilhelm Mortgage's financial management. They meticulously organized Wilhelm Mortgage's financial records and streamlined their accounting processes. The introduction of monthly financial reports became a game-changer for Jeremy. For the first time, he gained comprehensive profit and loss reports, empowering him to identify areas for cost reduction and optimize expenses effectively.

“With everything I’ve asked them to do so far, they’ve exceeded my expectations.”
-Jeremy Wilhelm, Broker/Owner, Wilhelm Mortgage

The monthly financial visibility reports provided by Advantage Insights became an invaluable asset for Jeremy's strategic decision-making. Armed with a clearer understanding of Wilhelm Mortgage's financial health, Jeremy has been able to navigate the dynamic real estate market with newfound confidence. The company's financial strategies were already aligned with its growth objectives, but the finer points of those strategies have been refined with greater financial visibility.

The collaboration with Advantage Insights has yielded tangible and measurable results for Wilhelm Mortgage. With Mary’s team handling the complexities of financial management, Jeremy no longer carries the burden of intricate accounting tasks. Timely and accurate financial insights have further bolstered Jeremy's confidence in his partnership with Advantage Insights. 

By leveraging comprehensive financial reporting, Jeremy successfully reduced the company's monthly subscription costs, leading to improved financial efficiency. Streamlined accounting processes have saved valuable time and have enabled Jeremy to focus on his core business activities, providing exceptional face-to-face service for his clients.

According to Jeremy, it’s difficult to quantify the value of his decision to work with Advantage Insights:

“It’s hard to put a price on the peace of mind we get from knowing the accounting is done. It gives me the ability to go out and create more income while I have more valuable insights from our profit and loss reports.”
-Jeremy Wilhelm, Broker/Owner, Wilhelm Mortgage

Continued Success and Peace of Mind

The partnership between Wilhelm Mortgage and Advantage Insights is a testament to the transformative impact of professional financial management services. By entrusting Advantage Insights with their financial management, Wilhelm Mortgage has gained control, clarity, and confidence in its growth journey.

The personalized solutions and dedicated support from Advantage Insights fortified Wilhelm Mortgage's financial foundation, enabling the company to thrive and adapt to the ever-changing business landscape. As Jeremy and his team continue on their path of success, Advantage Insights remains committed to empowering businesses with tailored financial solutions, ensuring a confident and sustainable future for its clients.

You may be the best person in your business to handle its complex accounting, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best thing you can do with your time. Like Jeremy, your time and attention may be more valuable doing something that can grow your business or improve your mental wellbeing. Reach out and tell us about your accounting challenges. Fractional financial management may be your missing piece.

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