Can’t afford a Human Resources advisor, but need the expertise?


If you have employees, you have human resource needs.  Maybe you just want to know if you are compliant with overtime laws, or want to know the best practice for a termination?  Maybe you want to formalize your company policies and procedures in a handbook.  This obviously isn’t in your area of expertise and it sounds expensive.  Where should you turn to look for support.


The answer is your QuickBooks Online accounting software.  Intuit has partnered with Mammoth and has established an HR Support Center.  They are changing their payroll offerings from Self-Service Payroll and Full Service Payroll to Core, Premium and Elite.  The offerings include the support you need to manage the human resources responsibilities in your business.  The following article written by Cathie Ericson to help you better understand those needs.  If you are working with a QuickBooks Pro Advisor ask them how they can help.

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