Keep Your Data Safe: Cybersecurity in Financial Management

Do you ever feel inundated with information? If so, you are not alone. The term “Information Age” is often used to describe our current historical period. That’s because information (data) is easier to collect, interpret, and share than ever before. Technologies that allow us to record and manage massive amounts of data have dramatically changed how people do research, conduct business operations, and communicate with loved ones.

On a surface level, we can see how digital technologies have changed how we communicate with one another and interact in the marketplace. 

Does your friend need help finding the new restaurant? Don’t bother giving directions. Just text them a map link and with one click they can find their way with satellite-powered precision. Are you ready to pay for your groceries? Forget the checkbook. Use facial recognition to unlock your smartphone and open up your credit card app. 

Technologies like these all rely on the transmission of data. They offer incredibly convenient and efficient ways to live our lives. Beneath the surface, they also give businesses a powerful way to collect and organize information to advertise, manage customer relationships, and improve efficiency.

In the marketplace, knowledge is power and convenience is king. But for all the advantages it brings, the management of sensitive information can also attract data security risks. 

Advantage Insights helps its clients manage and utilize their financial data to totally transform planning and budgeting, and gather insights for more efficient operations. We confidently deliver Virtual Financial Management services with an unwavering commitment to data security and the safety of our clients’ valuable information.

Information Security is a Foundational Element of Everything We Do

Personal information, marketing data, contact information, and even private conversations can be targeted by data thieves. Credit card fraud is one of the most prevalent forms of data theft, but even more catastrophic data breaches are possible when a database is not properly secured.

The Advantage Insights team is keenly aware of how sensitive and valuable the information we work with can be. So, we take every necessary precaution to protect client data from the moment we log in. All work-related tasks are accomplished through a secure platform called Practice Protect.

Practice Protect is an all-in-one solution designed specifically for accounting firms. It silos all work-related programs and information into a single, configurable dashboard with a secure authentication process. 

All applications are accessed through a secure and encrypted virtual desktop. Passwords are cloaked, which means individual credentials are no longer needed for login, reducing the possibility of stolen passwords. The solution also provides 24/7 security monitoring to alert us of any potential threats.

I also assign dedicated work computers to each member of the Advantage Insights team, adding  yet another layer of control and security to our data sharing processes. Beyond our software solutions and security-focused practices, we also receive regular IT monitoring to ensure our computer hardware is working properly and securely. This gives us multiple layers of 24/7 monitoring that could spot potential security threats or weaknesses before they cause any problems.

For our clients, this means their data is secure – they can have peace of mind knowing their data is only shared through encrypted, secure channels. Meanwhile, our team can be certain the work they do is protected against security risks.

Never Take Data Security for Granted.

When it comes to cybersecurity, you can’t take anything for granted. Practice Protect is an amazing service because it constantly evolves to improve and better mitigate emerging threats. As Advantage Insights has added clients and grown our team, we have made cybersecurity a part of everything we do.

Don’t assume your data is safe when you share it!

When you work with any vendor, especially when you share large amounts of data, don’t be afraid to ask questions about their information security practices. Too many people assume the right systems are in place to protect their information. Unfortunately, that simply isn’t true in many cases.

I want my clients to ask about how we ensure data security. I like sharing how important it is to us and the lengths we go to protect their information. If a vendor is ever dismissive or uninformed about their own data security, you may want to reconsider working with them.

If you run a business, there are some incredible tools you can use to mitigate data security risks. Additionally, cybersecurity insurance exists to cover potential damages that a data breach may incur.

Apart from a holistic solution like Practice Protect, start employing best security practices in your personal and professional life. Always log out of whatever application or website you are using. Lock your computer any time you leave your workstation and shut down your computer at night.

Most importantly, keep clean records! It is much easier to ensure data security when your information is organized and locked down. 

Advantage Insights is Committed to Data Security

Data availability and analytical tools have transformed how we do business – and mostly for the better. Advantage Insights organizes and uses financial data to help its clients address challenges, take advantage of opportunities, and gain a more complete picture of their business performance.

But cybersecurity threats add an element of risk to data sharing. Bare minimum security practices are simply unacceptable. Advantage Insights takes every step necessary to achieve peak security standards while maintaining easy access for our team and clients.

If you want to learn more about Advantage Insights Virtual Financial Management and how we ensure strict data security, contact us today. We offer a free consultation to help you discover how our services can help.

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