Omaha’s Simple Senior Solutions Finds the Guidance They Were Looking for


Some of our most important life decisions also happen to be the most complex. This is the idea behind Simple Senior Solutions, a company in Omaha that provides advisory and moving services for individuals and families preparing for a transition to a senior living community.

Simple Senior Solutions Helps Families Navigate Difficult Choices

Simple Senior Solutions was founded in 2018 by Andrew and Hannah Diediker. Prior to founding the company, they experienced unique and challenging circumstances with their own grandparents and friends during their transitions from living independently to managed senior living communities. Andrew and Hannah felt called to provide thoughtful guidance to seniors and their families during this crucial period of change.

The Diedikers bring valuable experience and knowledge to the table for their clients. 

Andrew is trained in Recreational Therapy, with a Masters in Health Administration. Before founding Simple Senior Solutions, he drew upon his training and experience in his role as an Executive Director of a full-scope senior living community. Hannah is trained in Physical Therapy and has served in multiple roles at a home healthcare agency that specializes in senior living. Both Hannah and Andrew served honorably in the US Army/Reserves, and strive to serve each client with integrity.

With all this knowledge and valuable life experience, Andrew and Hannah are well-suited to offer guidance to their clients. But some challenges of running a business extend beyond their areas of expertise. Sound familiar? That’s because it’s a common story. When it came to business accounting and financial management, Andrew and Hannah discovered they were in need of expert guidance.

Learning Business Accounting the Hard Way

The Diedikers had an incredible idea for a business, the right approach for their clientele, and the expertise they needed to bring value to their services. Their winning formula produced success and growth even faster than anticipated. Along with growth came more employees, more complicated billing processes, and all the increasingly difficult challenges of business accounting.

Hannah managed the business’s finances using complicated Excel spreadsheets and formulas, with help from their CPA and financial advisors. But as she found herself regularly calling them to ask for help, she realized the accounting workload would soon become unmanageable.

Thanks to the complex nature of their business, other complications arose. The company operates two separate divisions, one for their referral and advisory services, and the other for their moving services. The differences between how these divisions are operated, how services are billed, and how employees/contractors are paid all resulted in a double workload for some of Hannah’s accounting tasks. Also, additional employees brought new layers of complexity to payroll and taxes. 

As Hannah spent more of her time working on and worrying about accounting tasks, she had less time to work within her areas of expertise and responsibility. She was also aware of the fact she was leaning heavily on their CPA. When Hannah told him she was considering hiring help for financial management, he was intrigued.

Simple Senior Solutions Discovers a New Advantage

While filling in for Andrew at a networking event, Hannah met Mary Ferry of Advantage Insights. Mary described what Advantage Insights does and it set off a lightbulb for Hannah. This was a service she could use to get a better understanding of their financial performance and get back the countless hours she spent working in spreadsheets.

In her first official meeting with Mary, Hannah says her questions were answered:

“It was a very open meeting. She listened to my frustrations and paid attention to what we were trying to accomplish as a business. She explained what her services could do for our business, with the understanding that we could change the service plan as needed.”
-Hannah Diediker, Co-Founder, Simple Senior Solutions

Since that first meeting, Hannah and Mary have met once per month. They scrub through the latest financial data and set clear goals for the month ahead. In addition to regular meetings, Hannah is able to reach out to the Advantage Insights team for help at any time. Hannah says sometimes things can get messy with returns or other odd scenarios, but Mary is always quick to respond and walk her through the correct course of action.

Hannah says she is grateful for the time she has been able to get back thanks to working with Advantage Insights. 

“As an owner, I wear all the hats in our business. Advantage Insights has streamlined my workflows for invoicing customers to receiving payments, and reconciling it all at the end of the month. These tasks used to demand nearly all of my schedule and now only take a small block of time to accomplish.”
-Hannah Diediker, Co-Founder, Simple Senior Solutions

Additionally, Hannah has been impressed with the impact Advantage Insights has made on her tax planning. 

“I can easily pull the right reports for my CPA at our quarterly meetings. This year filing our taxes was a breeze because Mary has kept me prepared all year long.”
-Hannah Diediker, Co-Founder, Simple Senior Solutions

A Sunny Outlook for Simple Senior Solutions

For Hannah, financial management and accounting were the most stressful parts of her job. And that stress level was on a permanent upward ramp as long as the business kept growing. By adopting financial management services from Advantage Insights, Hannah has significantly reduced her own accounting workload and vastly improved her own understanding of the business’ performance.

Rather than struggling against her limitations, she is able to dive headfirst into what she does best: help people make smooth and healthy transitions in the late stages of their lives. Additionally, Hannah and Andrew are able to know the true value of their business. They understand their profit margins and are better able to set prices and invoice for each of their divisions.

The Diedikers have dedicated their lives to offering knowledgeable and thoughtful guidance to their clients. With Advantage Insights, they have found a partner that provides the same kind of guidance, just in a different area of expertise. Compared to her early experiences with business accounting, the contrast is stark:

“Mary is incredibly sharp and on the spot with anything. She’s reliable, quick to answer questions, and I have full trust in her. She’s also fun to work with–we laugh a lot during our meetings!”
-Hannah Diediker, Co-Founder, Simple Senior Solutions

Before working with Advantage Insights, Hannah described business accounting as “trying to run through mud.” These days, that is no longer the case. Rather than being a source of stress, financial management has become a source of confidence and accomplishment for the Diedikers. 

If your business accounting is taking up too much of your time or you want to gain a better understanding of your business’ performance, talk to us. Advantage Insights offers a flexible range of financial management services for clients in Omaha and across the country. Sign up for a free consultation to discover how your business can benefit from our services.

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