Steve Crawford Trucking Makes Advantage Insights its Virtual CFO


A Lifetime of Experience in the Trucking Industry

In 1971, Steve Crawford graduated early from high school in order to work at his father’s trucking business. Due to his father’s declining health, Steve stepped up and learned about what it takes to run a business, and all the responsibilities that come with it.

When his father finally sold the business, Steve decided to forge his own path. While working as a recruiter for a large trucking company, he and his wife Mary moved to St. Louis, Missouri, where they have remained to this day. It was during this time that Steve realized his best path forward in life would be as an independent business man. He founded what would become Steve Crawford Trucking, Inc.

As of today, Steve has guided his company through decades of sustained, responsible growth. A business that began with Steve and one truck has expanded to a staff of 35, including 18 full time drivers, across three office locations.

Trucking companies have to remain flexible to meet ever-changing customer needs. Supply chains can be inconsistent, and customer demand can fluctuate. Trucks have to be maintained, staff needs to be scheduled and deployed with care, and the team must be able to adapt quickly to challenges. 

According to Steve, his team has to be prepared for anything, “If we’re good at putting out fires, we have to be even better at preventing them”. This requires forethought, planning, and a firm grasp of his financial situation. This kind of thorough planning calls for comprehensive record keeping and easy access to financial information.

Steve sees the success of his business as a part of his responsibility to his employees. Profitability and growth are important, but the greater purpose they serve is to provide steady, honest work for his staff, who make it all possible.

Steve Discovers Advantage Insights at the Right Time

In 2020, the pandemic moved many traditionally in-person activities into virtual spaces. One such event was a virtual round table discussion centered around marketing and networking. During this meeting, Steve met Mary Ferry from Advantage Insights. He got a chance to hear her vision for her business.

As a fellow entrepreneur, Steve was intrigued by what Mary had to share. Just like Steve, Mary had founded her business with the goal of helping others and providing real value for her clients. He was especially interested in and surprised by the depth of expertise and management his own company could receive remotely.

Up until this point, Steve says his accounting was okay, that it got the job done. After hearing what Advantage Insights had to offer, he decided he wanted his financial management to be better than just “okay”. As he considered how more complete, informative financial management could benefit his business, he decided it was a worthwhile investment.

Prior to working with Advantage Insights, Steve Crawford Trucking handled financial management internally. Staff took care of the books, bills, accounts receivable, and taxes, but Steve never had someone who could focus exclusively on these tasks.

Since partnering with Advantage Insights for financial management, Steve has witnessed the results first-hand.

“Our financial records have never been in as good a condition as they are now, thanks to Advantage Insights.”
-Steve Crawford, Steve Crawford Trucking Inc.

For Steve, this partnership was an example of being in the right place at the right time to make a connection that has already benefited his business. Even though he resides and works in St. Louis, working with Advantage Insights has been a breeze, thanks to virtual meeting and financial management tools, easy-to-read reports, and Mary’s expertise.

Advantage Insights provides Steve monthly financial reports so, instead of waiting for tax season or some time-sensitive crisis, proactive measures can be taken throughout the year. According to Steve, “Advantage Insights implemented review steps we really should’ve had in the first place”.

A Partnership of Cutting Edge Solutions and Proven Financial Expertise

Steve Crawford Trucking uses QuickBooks Online and Google Workplace applications, enabling them to support a team across multiple locations. Their team includes an Administrator in Ballwin, Missouri, a Manager in Cambridge, Ohio, and Virtual Financial Management services provided from Advantage Insights in Omaha, Nebraska. 

“I feel like we have our own part time, virtual CFO”
-Steve Crawford, Steve Crawford Trucking Inc.

Thanks to Advantage Insights, Steve was able to clean up and improve the way he tracks truck payments, bringing structure and organization to what had been a fractured, inconsistent process. That means Steve can make important decisions about hiring and equipment investments with confidence. 

With help from Advantage Insights, Steve can set growth goals for his business and put plans in place based on expected profitability, which he can predict with greater accuracy than ever.

Steve doesn’t take his responsibilities lightly. He understands the health of his business impacts his personal goals, as well as the lives and careers of his excellent staff. These days he spends less time than ever working on financial management tasks, but the time he spends reviewing reports with Mary is more efficient and informative than what he did in the past.

This means Steve can focus on the complex management of his trucking company, with renewed clarity and goal setting. Thanks to this newfound financial awareness and the steadfast work of his team, Steve expects to grow his business by 50-70% by the end of this year.

Advantage Insights’ Virtual Financial Management services are specially tailored to the unique needs of your business, and can reach you anywhere in the country. You can add a “virtual CFO” to your team, at a fraction of the cost a new staff member would demand. Like Steve, you can make an investment into the future of your business, and lay the groundwork for sustainable success.

To find out how Virtual Financial Management can address your specific challenges, you can get started with a free consultation. Do not hesitate to contact us by email at or by calling 402-281-3785. The sooner you reach out, the more your business can benefit from unmatched expertise and financial clarity.

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