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We know there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution.  Every business is different.  Your business is unique.  So what we do is give you a choice of different packages so that you may choose the one that meets your needs.  And each of those packages can be further tailored to get you exactly what you want. The table below summarizes what is included within each of our packages.  

To help you identify the best option for you, here is a quick overview:


This option is best for those business owners who are simply looking to get caught up and make sure that they are compliant with federal and state regulations.


This is our most popular option because you get complete reassurance that your accounting data is accurate, up-to-date and compliant, as well as advice on which systems and processes will be best for your business.


This is the best option for busy business owners who not only want the peace of mind of knowing that all their financial history is accurate and up-to-date, but also want to get the absolute maximum out of their financial information so that they may make the best business decisions based on the best quality of information.




Checking the bank reconciliations
Checking the credit card records
Resolving aged balances for accounts receivable
Resolving aged balances for accounts payable
Making sure the payroll entries are accurate
Reconciling the sales tax returns and records
Review of balance sheet items for accuracy
Providing a detailed report of all corrective actions taken
Providing a detailed list of all missing information
Compare your opening balances
Software training
Scanning your paper records to electronic files
Management reports showing correct assets and liabilities at clean-up date
Full review and debrief meeting
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additional services

We know that your needs are unique, that is why we offer individual services that can be utilized as add-ons to any package or standalone products to ensure that you get what you need to make the most use of your financial data.


Financial system Health Check

The financial systems health check is for the business owner who wants to know if their financial information is accurate, up to date and can provide the necessary information to help make business decisions. Let us perform a Financial Systems Health Check for a one-time fee of $297. When you sign up for a monthly service, the health check fee is refunded in full.

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Cash flow management

Our Cash Flow management services enable you to see your future cash flow needs.  Gain more certainty in decision making, never be surprised again. You will have visibility to your cash receipts, bills, overdue payments or out-of-cash predictions.  Explore scenarios to help determine the best course of action. Our cash flow management services help you build confidence in running your business.

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Accounts receivable monitoring

Our Accounts Receivable Monitoring services will provide visibility into valuable customer insights. This service keeps sales and collections visible on a weekly basis so you can follow up timely eliminating uncollectible payments.  Monitor your sales and see your new and repeat customer sales and understand your customer retention trends.

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We offer a payroll services for those customers who have less than 20 employees and are utilizing one of our other services. 

Payroll regulations are constantly changing, making paying your employees a tremendous headache.  Letting us deal with your payroll takes away the headaches and frees up your time to focus on running your business.  You will know your payroll is submitted on time, with less stress as we take care of the complicated parts. Prices for payroll packages are based on your specific circumstances, such as, the number of employees you have, how frequently you run your schedule and the type of employees you have.

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accounting clean up

cloud accounting setup

Technology is moving at an incredible rate, and this is even the case with accounting systems.  All the major software companies are committed to cloud accounting systems, and very soon support will cease for existing desktop systems. The modern business needs a state of the art accounting system that will provide time savings, 24/7 access and security for your financial data. We specialize in cloud accounting solutions and setting businesses up on the cloud.  We will do this for you, removing all the hassle, and you will know your books are setup the right way, saving you hours of time and frustration.

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